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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVN Operates Bodrum Charter.

May 31, 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVN operated a Dublin – Bodrum charter rotation this afternoon as EI4792/EI4793.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEN Paris CDG Technical Issue.

May 30, 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEN operated EI520 Dublin – Paris CDG this morning, however the return EI521 was cancelled due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Paris CDG – Dublin during the evening as EI991.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEF Operates Monastir Charter.

May 29, 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEF operated a Dublin – Monastir charter rotation this afternoon as EI4490/EI4491.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DER Returns from Dusseldorf.

May 29, 2015

Following its overnight delay Aer Lingus A320 EI-DER departed Dusseldorf this morning operating last night’s delayed EI699 Dusseldorf – Dublin as EI1699.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DER Overnight Dusseldorf Delay.

May 28, 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DER operated EI698 Dublin – Dusseldorf this evening, however the return EI699 has been delayed overnight.

Aer Lingus Dublin – Liverpool Service Opens for Bookings.

May 27, 2015

Aer Lingus will return to the Dublin – Liverpool route with effect from 23rd October with a 16 x weekly A320 service which was opened for booking today. Schedules are as follows:

EI192 Dublin 0715 – Liverpool 0805 Except Sundays
EI193 Liverpool 0840 – Dublin 0935 Except Sundays

EI194 Dublin 1415 – Liverpool 1500 Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays
EI195 Liverpool 1535 – Dublin 1620 Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays

EI198 Dublin 1815 – Liverpool 1905 Daily
EI199 Liverpool 1940 – Dublin 2035 Daily.

27/05/15 Aer Lingus Flight Cancellations.

May 27, 2015

The following Aer Lingus flights did not operate today:

EI634 Dublin – Brussels
EI635 Brussels – Dublin.

Irish Government Backs IAG Aer Lingus Bid.

May 26, 2015

The Irish government today agreed to support British Airways, Iberia and Vueling parent International Airline Group’s bid for Aer Lingus. The sale is dependent on Ryanair agreeing to sell its 30% stake.

IAG has guaranteed to maintain the Aer Lingus brand and Dublin Head Office. Aer Lingus’ London Heathrow slots will remain under Aer Lingus control in perpetuity. The current London Heathrow – Dublin, Shannon and Cork Winter and Summer schedules to operate for a minimum seven years. Other London Heathrow slots, currently used for Belfast City services, will be used on services to airports on the island of Ireland for a minimum of five years.

Aer Lingus will rejoin the OneWorld Alliance and will join the current British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia trans-Atlantic joint venture with two new trans-Atlantic routes to added from Dublin next year and a further two by 2020.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEM Operates Paris Extra.

May 26, 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEM operated an additional Dublin – Paris CDG rotation this afternoon as EI2526/EI2527.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEL Operates Belfast – Verona Charter.

May 26, 2015

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEL operated a Belfast City – Verona charter rotation this afternoon as EI4412/EI4413.