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Airbus A320 Aircraft Pages

Airbus A320:

Length: 37.57m Height: 11.0m Wingspan: 34.1m

Cabin Width: 3.7m

Maximum Range: 10,830km

Engines: 2 x CFM CF56-5B Turbofans

Current Number in Fleet: 34

Maximum Number in Fleet: 36

First Delivery: EI-CVA 22/06/00

Last Delivery: EI-EZW 09/04/13

Number Withdrawn from Fleet: 4

First Withdrawal: EI-CZW 29/08/04 Latest Withdrawal: EI-CVD 07/12

Seat Configuration: 174Y

Number on Order: 0

Aer Lingus Airbus A320

Current Aer Lingus A320 Fleet List

Having gained experience with the larger A321 from 1998, Aer Lingus began operations A320 operations in 2000 with an initial order for four aircraft. A further two aircraft were leased from Swiss in 2003 to provide extra capacity before further new machines began arriving in 2004. These were used primarily to replace the Boeing 737 fleet.

Expansion of European services saw further deliveries in 2007-2009 and again in 2011, although two leased aircraft departed during 2012.

The 174 seat A320s form the backbone of the airline’s European operations from Dublin and Cork. Four aircraft operate on Virgin Atlantic Little Red UK Domestic services.

Current Aer Lingus A320 Routes.

(Routes flown in the last 30 days including positioning, test and training flights)